The Growth Of Business Acknowledges To Technology

Today’s article is devoted to how technology has changed the way companies operate in recent years, gaining in efficiency and effectiveness.

Advances in technology in the previous decade have managed to improve the day to day in companies: the way to sell, to interact with customers or help the internal organization of a company.
Technologies that Sage Spain highlights are:

Ecommerce: Internet Is King

The growth of this technology is good news for small and medium businesses, since they are reachable everywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

The main advantages of this technology are:

  • Decrease establishment costs.
  • Optimize distribution

The growth of business thanks to technical data of interest: in 2015, 67% of Internet users bought something via the Internet.

Advertising On The Internet. Reaching Millions By Cents

 Nowadays, every search for information about a product or service on the Internet is subject to publicity, although most of the time we are not aware of it.

Of the different advertising possibilities of the Internet, the most common are:

  • Pay Per Click: through banners, videos or text links, Internet users access the websites of advertisers, and they only pay for the visits they receive.
  • SEO: adapt the texts of your website to match the search terms of potential clients and get other websites to mention you are the best method to gain visibility in search engines and get traffic.

Create exciting content: it is essential that the materials we create have value for Internet users.

Online Payment. Safer Every Day

An essential factor for the online buyer is the online payment system that has the website where you are willing to buy.

Among the considerations that companies that sell through interest should have are security on the platform, the fees that each one applies and the number of users that use it. The most commons are:

  • Payment gateway:  with PayPal among the most outstanding, it is the method most appreciated by consumers since its speed and simplicity characterize it.
  • Credit card: it is the most common method.
  • Cash on delivery: although most customers consider it the safest but the drawbacks for companies has led many of them not to offer this option.

The growth of business thanks to technical data of interest: 64% of Spaniards prefer online payment gateways because they consider them safer.

Some Other Technologies That Sage Spain Highlights Are:

CRM. To Improve The Relationship With Customers

Registering all the information we have about our customers is very important when it comes to managing new sales opportunities as well as loyalty to those services they have contracted with us.

Knowing how to collect and analyze information is the first step to a successful strategy. Some of its main functionalities are:

  • Contact Management And Agenda: keep all customer information up to date so as not to lose any opportunity.
  • Pipeline: especially useful for designing marketing campaigns.
  • Monitoring Of Marketing Campaigns: essential to conclude the attacks that have been carried out.
  • Customer Service: to track the incidents, queries, complaints, and claims of customers.
  • Sage Forum 2016 Data Of Interest: They have replaced databases and spreadsheets.

The Cloud. Your Omnipresent Business

The cloud is the technology that allows storing data in remote servers through the Internet. The information is not stored in any physical equipment but can be accessed from anywhere through a computer or mobile device.

The main advantages of having the information in the cloud are:

  • Guarantee Information: security copies are made continuously, so the information will always be protected.
  • Accessibility: information is accessible from any device, time and place.
  • Decisions In Real Time: decisions and in-situ measures can be made such as issuing invoices from the mobile, creating budgets …

Specialized Programs. As Tailored Suits

They suppose a saving in time for the companies that can carry out to accounting, orders and all type of administrative tasks in minutes.

Some of the areas that have benefited from this technological development are:

  • Accounting: they allow a clear and precise registry on the daily activity of a company. Based on this information, processes such as the accounting cycle, analysis and reports, and tax procedures can be automated.
  • Billing: helping to control business processes of the business (buying and selling cycles, stock management and control of collections and payments).
  • Payroll: these programs integrate with a single database all the information about the workers of the company facilitating the tasks of management of workers, payroll management and administrative procedures.

The growth of business thanks to technical data of interest: The Excel sheets changed the way of working in companies. However, they had some significant limitations such as the difficulty of handling large volumes of information or the inability to relate data stored in different spreadsheets.

Mobile APPs. Your Business In Your Pocket

Having an application is a way to be closer to your customers, since downloading it on your mobile phone you can make use of it from anywhere in the world and at any time. The advantages of having one of them are:

  • Sales: will allow you to be more competitive.
  • Direct marketing: send notifications to your customers directly and efficiently.
  • Customer Experience: allows you to collect information about your customers.

The growth of business thanks to technical data of interest: 15% of online sales in Spain are made through mobile devices.